What #TheDress Tells Us About Us

By Jonathan Malm  |  February 27, 2015

What can the Church learn from #thedress—the social media phenomenon that took over the Internet last night.

How to Kill Someone’s Idea

By Josh Burns  |  February 27, 2015

As a communications leader—or church worker in general—how do you say "no" to someone else's idea without seeming like a big jerk?

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What to Do With a Sucky Volunteer

What to Do With a Sucky Volunteer

By Van Metschke  |  February 25, 2015

Got a bad volunteer dragging your team down? Van explains a few different options for dealing with bad volunteers without hurting their feelings.

Why You Need to Know Your Personality Type

By Nancy Beach  |  February 23, 2015

Those personality tests are always so tempting to take. But why should a leader know their personality type and how can it help them lead better?
Why It's Not Enough to Pursue Excellence

Why It’s Not Enough to Pursue Excellence

By Chris Vacher  |  February 20, 2015

It's easy to pursue excellence above heart when it comes to our worship teams. But one without the other misses the mark of what's possible.
Are You Taking Critiques Personally

Are You Taking Critiques Personally?

By Jonathan Carone  |  February 18, 2015

Our art can feel like it's part of our soul. Thus it can be tough to take critique without feeling the sting of rejection. Do you take critiques personally?

KIN Fables Part 2 Released Today

By Jonathan Malm  |  February 17, 2015

KIN Fables is a storytelling, cinematic project filled with beauty and mystery. We've included the first two parts of the three-part trilogy for you.

When Art Reaches a Community

By Cole NeSmith  |  February 16, 2015

Is our Christianity about spreading the brand of Jesus around our community, or is it about spreading the love of Jesus to a hurt and dying world?

Communicating to Two Different Audiences

By Tim Schraeder  |  February 13, 2015

Each week you're trying to communicate to two different audiences: insiders and outsiders? What do each need and what's the best way to reach them?

Stop Being the One-Man Show

By Justin Firesheets  |  February 11, 2015

Justin offers three reasons it's harmful to be the one-man show on your tech team. You need to spread the responsibility around to others.

Parody Trailers

By Jonathan Malm  |  February 10, 2015

Jurassic World and Star Wars are two of the most anticipated movies coming out this year. That's why I'm glad I stumbled onto these parody trailers.
Identifying Potential in Someone

Identifying Potential in Someone

By Jenny Potter  |  February 9, 2015

Sure, everyone has potential. But how do you identify diamonds in the rough for your volunteers or staff teams?

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